Curriculum vitae

Andrew Parks CV


  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, June 2017
  • Emphasis in Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity
  • Minor in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
  • Minor in Anthropology
  • University of California, Davis


imageMadagascar Biodiversity Partnership Lemur Research Volunteer, Kianjavato Madagascar

March 2019-June 2019

  • Recorded behavioral data of greater bamboo lemur and diademed sifaka social groups
  • Ensured quality control of data entry by local trackers
  • Planted native trees in deforested areas of critical lemur habitat
  • Taught English classes to local Malagasy people

Great Basin Institute/Americorps California Condor Intern, Ventura CA

August 2018-February 2019

  • Used radio telemetry to track California condors
  • Conducted behavioral observations of feeding and breeding behaviors
  • Trapped, handled, tagged, and bled condors during work ups
  • Wrote weekly and quarterly summary reports on refuge status and condor biology

Avian Fire Ecology Intern, Institute for Bird Populations/Univ. of Connecticut, Chester CA

May 2018-June 2018

  • Trained in radio telemetry and nest monitoring of black backed woodpeckers
  • Used standard forestry techniques to take measurements in Sierran forests
  • Tracked tagged birds across rugged, mountainous terrain

Great Basin Institute/Americorps Desert Tortoise Monitor, Las Vegas NVtortoise

March 2018-May 2018

  • Permitted and trained by USFWS to detect, measure, and mark desert tortoises
  • Walked 8km transects each day in desert terrain to detect tortoises
  • Camped and conducted work in backcountry desert sites

USGS Giant Garter Snake Volunteer, Dixon CA

June 2017-September 2017

  • Assisted field technicians trap, capture, and process federally-threatened Giant Garter Snakes for population monitoring throughout California’s Central Valley
  • Kayaked to check traps along waterways for snakes
  • Assisted with data collection on habitat, species composition, and individual snake measurements

Bodega Marine Lab Student Researcher, Bodega Bay CA                          

June 2016-July 2016

  • Conducted an independent student research project, wrote a scientific paper, and presented my results at a public research symposium
  • Studied the feeding behavior of bryozoans in response to organic and inorganic particles
  • Conducted statistical analyses (ANOVA, t-test, etc.) to analyze experimental results

birdBird Banding Assistant, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Delevan/Folsom CA

August 2015

  • Helped bird biologists band over 500 tricolored blackbirds
  • Recorded measurements of each bird as part of a state-wide monitoring effort

Research Assistant, Patricelli Animal Behavior Lab, UC Davis CA

October 2014 to March 2015

  • Coded Video Files of Greater Sage Grouse leks in Wyoming
  • Recorded male strut behaviors and copulation events
  • Used grid system to map grouse positions

Undergraduate Researcher, Houlton Ecology and Biogeochemistry Lab, UC Davis CA

January 2015-June 2015

  • Conducted a student research project on soil ecology of the Mendocino Pygmy Forest
  • Performed chemical extractions of soil organics
  • Performed enzyme assays on soil samples to measure nutrient acquisition in mycorrhizal fungi

Undergraduate Researcher, Wild Campus Club herpetology project, UC Davis CAIMG_2666 (1)

April 2015-June 2015

  • Conducted surveys of the threatened Western Pond Turtle in Putah Creek with the herpetology team Wild Campus Club
  • Recorded habitat conditions and vegetation
  • Recorded streamflow measurements and depth measurements in transects

Research Assistant, Isbell Primatology Lab, UC Davis CA

May 2015-June 2015

  • Analyzed audio recordings of vervet monkeys and baboons in a study based in Kenya, Africa
  • Listened to audio recordings of primate alarm calls in response to leopards
  • Recorded duration of alarm calls to measure predator response behaviors

Research Assistant, Todd Herpetology Lab, UC Davis CA

September 2014

  • Assisted a graduate student with the capture, measurement, and marking of Northern Water Snakes in a wetland ecosystem
  • Gained familiarity with ventral scale microbranding methods

Research Assistant, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, UC Davis CA

September 2014

  • Worked with graduate students and CDFW employees to capture and tag Salt Marsh Harvest Mice
  • Recorded data for mouse measurements
  • Trained in ear banding methods and radio telemetry

Biotechnology Academy Student, Sheldon High School, Sacramento CA

August 2012-June 2013

  • Learned basic microbiology skills like petri dish streaking, agar prep., and gram staining
  • Learned basic molecular biology skills like gel electrophoresis, PCR, and microarrays


ringtailScientific Aid, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Sacramento CA

May 2017-March 2018

  • Issued and processed state scientific collecting permits for all taxa of wildlife
  • Issued and processed state Memorandums of Understanding for state-listed threatened and endangered, and fully protected species
  • Worked alongside the state reptile and amphibian conservation coordinator on the species listing proposal for the foothill yellow-legged frog

Legal Instruments Examiner/Student Intern, USFWS Migratory Birds, Sacramento CA

June 2015 to August 2016

  • Issued and processed federal migratory bird permits, including Eagle and Indian Religious Permits
  • Responded to letters regarding permit applications and amendments
  • Developed a raven and crow outreach letter to inform permittees of ways to resolve wildlife conflicts without resorting to lethal take
  • Reviewed and summarized proposed permit regulations and fee increases for permit biologists


Paraeducator, Elk Grove Unified School District, Sacramento CA

June-October 2014,’15,’16

  • Taught a science curriculum to K-3rd graders in summer school which focused on endangered animals and environmental science
  • Used a variety of different teaching techniques including arts and crafts, basic science experiments, and demonstrations  to get students excited about nature and science
  • Administered the California English Language Development (CELDT) test to English-learning students

Sacramento Zoo Teen Volunteer, Sacramento CA

Aug 2012 to May 2014

  • Educated zoo visitors about animals, behavior, diet, and conservation programs
  • Operated and managed multiple nature-themed stations hosting a variety of arts, crafts and games
  • Gained handling experience of turtles, snakes, lizards, armadillos, hedgehogs, and ducks


Parks, A.J. and Cooley, C.C. “To Flick or Not to Flick: Bryozoan Feeding Behavior”. Presented at the Bodega Marine Lab 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Holland, A., Harris, S., Parks, A.J. The Effects of Climate on the Plant, Plantago lanceolata. Presented at the 2017 UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference.


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